Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it is Wednesday already! Where has the time gone? Hmm--sports physicals, haircuts, birthday parties, school shopping, company, etc.

I was at a family reunion this past weekend. It was fun and great to see all of my cousins and their families on my mom's side. Everyone was there and the last reunion was 5 years ago so we had a lot of catching up to do. There was unfortunately some wild weather-a lightening storm like I have never seen before and lots of rain. It lasted for three hours and was constant. You didn't need a flashlight at all- the sky was constantly lit. The people in the town where we had it (Ennis) said that it was epic.

We did go into Yellowstone on Saturday--about an hour away. It was beautiful there. I thought I'd share a picture of Old Faithful for anyone who hasn't seen it before. I probably have a hundred similar pictures from over the years and they all pretty much look the same.

I finished the plastic chair I did last week. That plastic spray paint went on very easily. The chair was a grey color to start. The customer wanted palm trees so this is what she got:

I also finished the special order I had been working on--a set of bunkbeds and a dresser. I had done a nightstand similar to this last year that they had bought foe their little girl's room. They decided they wanted the other furniture to match. I used the candle wax technique on this and since I have had lots of questions I thought I'd explain it a little more thoroughly.

I first paint the piece with white primer. If I want some white to show, which I did in this, when the paint is dry, I use a white old candle nd rub some of the wax on it. You want to rub it on the edges and in streaks or patches. Also, it can't be too hot or it will melt everywhere. I then slapped on some yellow paint. By slapping on, I mean I do not cover the whole piece, so some white and still shows. When the yellow was dry, I put candle wax in some of the same places I had before and over some of new spots. I then slapped green on--some of it covered the yellow and some the white, but some white still showed. When it was dry, I used the candle one more time and then painted the entire piece pink, covering all of the other colors. When it is dry I use a paint scraper or sander to sand off the paint. On light colors like this, a metal paint scraper leaves black marks that can be sanded off. I ended up using only sandpaper on this, not the scraper. It really gums up your sandpaper, but if you sand on a rough piece of wood for a minute it will usualy get the wax/paint off so that you an continue to use the same piece of paper. It can be a long process on big pieces like this, but the slapping and layering of paint is pretty quick. I also had to paint the ladders and side rails. I then painted daisies on it and added silk daisies to the knobs.

I am working on some smaller projects this week--most are half done. Check back in the next couple of days, and until then, enjoy the last days of summer!


  1. Adorable and THANK YOU! I have an old dresser that I was just going to paint black, but now I think I will try this. I LOVE the daisy dresser and am inspired to do something for my daughter's room now. I am so glad I found you!

    Here is my junk blog, which doesn't get much attention unless a sale is coming up.



  2. I'm glad you're back--missed reading your postings! :) I LOVE the way you painted the bed & dresser, and the daisies are a perfect finishing touch! Glad you had fun with your family trip!


  3. How cute I love the bedroom set I may have to try that on a project for one of my nieces. love the chair. :)


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