Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scatter Brained Junking

I am a scatter brain when it comes to junking. I just can't focus sometimes. I get in my garage and I start thinking, "I can make a shelf out of this window, but wait, I want to make a table out of this door, and I was working on a kitchen island, and I have these boards here to make a coat hook, and...) I have to tell myself, "Stop! Focus! Pick a project and go with it!" I also try to work somewhat assembly line--sanding a bunch of things at once, priming them all, polying them all. But sometimes I want to feel like I have actually completed something that day, so I finish the entire poject at once. The sense of completion is good for my mental state.

So, here are a couple little things I finished today. A coathook made from old yardsticks:
And a shelf/coathook made from an old primitive cupboard door. I cut a piece off of the board to use as the shelf. I added the red board that the hooks are attached to as the main door part was thin. I also added the green painted quarter round under the shelf for added stability. The shelf paint and the red trim is original. I polyed it well so that the paint wouldn't flake anymore. This is staged in my entry, but i will be selling it at Farmer's Market and/or my antique spot.

Good night, sleep tight!

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  1. I love your projects! I don't know which I like best, they're both so cute! I am the same way about projects--I flit around and takes forever to just get anything DONE! Love seeing your creative ideas!!



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