Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Did You Have To Do That?

My title is what my husband said to me when he saw the pumpkin that I had used bronze leafing on. I said , "I didn't have to do that, I wanted to."
"Hmm," he says, "pumpkins are orange."
"This one is bronze, now tell me how cool it looks."
"Ya cool, not orange, but very shiny."

Men--I tell ya--they can be a challenge sometimes! This is the first fall thing I have gotten to--I am going to try to dig out the rest today so I will post more fall decorating projects.

Here is a little table I did for a gal whose mom just started teaching preschool. Used the wax technique for the paint--in these primary colors it looks like someone scribbled crayon on the table, which I like. I decoupaged a few Dick and Jane pictures and painted the ABC, 123 on it. I used several coats of clear finish since I am sure it will get beat up!

To answer a question about the shadow box finish--if you click on the picture and see it larger, you will see the paint finish. I painted it black, sanded a little off the edges and then used walnut stain over the paint. It makes black look so much better!

My prayers are with those who lost loved ones on September 11 and for our troops who continue to fight!

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  1. Love the pumpkin!! What a cool idea. I would've never thought of that:)


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