Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Repeat After Me, "Busy Is Good!"

At least that is what I keep trying to tell myself, "Busy is good!" Busy means that my children are healthy and can participate in sports and activities and that they have friends to play with (I am not a good playdate mom, but I do it!). Busy means we are active in our church and have a church family to support. Busy means my business is doing well. Busy means my husband is furthering his education to get a better job (he is getting his school administration degree). Busy means I have new business opportunities in the works. Busy means I have amazing friends that I want to spend time with. So even though I love the idea of simplifying your life, in this season I am going to embrace the busy is good philosophy!

One thing I have been busy with is getting some stuff out to my antique booth. I got a call that I had a run on things on my booth and had sold 5 big pieces this weekend (the desk kitchen island was one of them, along with the sofa table wine bar made from a deck chair). Here are some things I finished and will be working on more this week.

Here is the old trunk I got for $5. Not my best paint job--it was a quickie one. I put a heavy duty wire on the back to hang it and a shelf on the inside. I polyed the inside to keep what was left of the paper intact.

Here is the two tiered table I got a while back. It got the black paint, stain treatment.

This little sewing box table also just got a quick paint job, new hardware since it was missing a pull, and some stain over the paint.
Have a great, I won't look at the DOW, kind of a day!


  1. busy is good sometimes. I love your furniture the tiered table looks great! I think it's my fav

  2. Great job on those rehabs! I especially love the 2 tier table. You are one talented lady.

  3. I just posted on my blog about having so much to do and sometimes getting overwhelmed. I put a positive song on the post and that seemed to get me motivated.I decided to go and visit my few favorite blogs before I get started on my projects.I read yours daily and today it was just what I needed!! You always motivate me. I love all of the projects that you do. Congrats on selling five big items at your booth! I also love the trunk that you fixed up. You make everything seem so much fun!
    Lee Laurie

  4. Enjoyed scrolling through your blog!! So cute and creative! I love what you did to the bronze pumpkin and I love this white table!


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