Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thrifting For Costumes!

Time to hit those thrift stores for fun costume ideas (get there now before the good stuff is gone!). Here are a few costume ideas put together with thrift store finds. Here is my son trying out some 70's clothes I got for a 70's party. Aren't those stretchy pants fabulous? And what about those shoes?

Here is middle son in the same 70's shirt, with some disco dude homemade glasses. His buddy is wearing grandma clothes from the thrift store (wig was from there too!). The other friend is sporting a white turtleneck from the thrift store and some groovy taped up nerd glasses.

Here is another granny one. Grandma purses make great candy bags.
In this one my son was a Montana State football player (the local team, but not the team we are for) who just finished playing the University of Montana (where my husband played football). Notice the torn jersey and the bandaged arm. The jersey was a large, Old Navy one that I found at thrift store in the right colors so we tore it up and the ace bandage came from the thrift store too (I washed it first). I spray painted the helmet (from the thrift store too!) gold like the team wears.

There are so many great possibilities-so let those imaginations work and get to those thrift stores soon.

PS--I am not getting paid by any thrift store to push them in these last two posts Ü--I just find them a great resource!


  1. Those costumes are awesome! You never know what you will find at the thrift stores. I love going to them. Actually it is one of my favorite thngs to do! I get so excited when I find a treasure! I wish that we had more of them here where I live. Come visit my blog sometimes. I just started it in August. I'm just learning how to add photos,and I plan on putting some before and after ones of things that I repurpose from thrift stores. You are my inspiration! I also have you
    listed as one of my favorite blogs. I didn't know if I was suppose to ask first. Hope that its o.k.
    Blessings,Lee Laurie

  2. Those are great costumes! I love all of them great idea looking at the trift shops!

  3. How adoreable! And creative. When we were kids, we never bought costumes at the store. We simply raided grandma and granpa's closet and used what we could find. We used shopping bags from the grocery store to collect candy. Um, that would be a "paper" shopping bag. Then we would trick or treat until someone answered the door in their pajamas!

    Have fun!
    Debbin in Florida


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