Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Chalkboard Idea

If you haven't noticed, I like chalkboard paint. I like to use on about as many different things that I can think of. I had bought a headboard and footboard for $5 at a yard sale this summer to make a bench. I then realized that the footboard was way to short for the side of a bench, so I decided it needed to be a chalkboard/coathook. I painted it red.

I forgot to show you the hamper I asked your opinion on. I did decide to paint it and cover the top. This peachy pink looks very vintage to me.

Ki from Junk Bonanza is having a giveaway. Go to the link below to enter:

Are you all ready for tomorrow? I am going to do a little baking tonight for the teachers, but we should be set to go. Trick or treat!


  1. I just love the chalkboard you made. What a neat idea!
    I can't believe that I don't have to make cupcakes for Garrett's class tomorrow. They stopped us from doing that now since the schools are starting a healthier eating plan. They have taken out the drink and snack machines. They now have juice and fruit machines. I think the teachers are going to bring them each a goodie bag. I had already bought all of the stuff to make halloween cupcakes,so Garrett and I will plan on baking them for us at home soon.He loves to help bake!

  2. I love the chalkboard it looks great! so does the hamper. Thanks for the prayers for heather and our families she's had a rough couple of days. Thanks again and happy halloween hopefully all treats and no tricks

  3. The hamper turned out very nice. And your chalkboard is a neat idea. I still have yet to make my own chalkboard. I guess I'm waiting for the right piece to come along.

    Debbie in Florida

  4. Love this chalkboard idea! I tried to find others on your site.... whatcha hiding in here???

    I saw someone's blog with a old window and each of the panes painted with chalkboard paint. I will have to try both ideas! Blessings, The Magic Brush


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