Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Old Suitcase Love

While hunting for new ski poles at thrift stores, I spied this wonderfully old, small (and STINKY) suitcase (just about 12 x 10 inches)
full of old Christmas junk. I am going to paint on the case, will keep some of the goodies, maybe can make something with these old light bulb sockets,
and loved this little bird.
All mine for $2!


  1. Awesome find! I love old Christmas junk! I hope you had a great holiday-Krista

  2. Love these kind of finds!

    By the way - how did you get text in between your pictures? I haven't figured out how to move my pictures around or type in between.

    If you don't mind, leave me a comment on my latest post.

  3. That was a great find, filled with Christmas did you get the smell out of the suitcase?

  4. GREAT DEAL!!!

    How will you get the smell out?
    I've tried several things on mine and nothing has worked.

    blessings and thanks

    barbara jean

    You could email me if you have a way, or just leave a comment on my blog so it will help others too.

  5. Oh I love the thrifts after Christmas. I found 4 old Santa mugs that spell out NOEL for $1.00. On Ebay they were in bidding wars topping 75.00. :)

  6. Oh - luuuuuuve it! What a great find!!

    ;-) robelyn

  7. Awesome finds for the $$$, LUV the old suitcase, Hugs, Janna

  8. Wow! What a great price. Love the little bird, too!


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