Thursday, May 27, 2010

Linky Party--Tomorrow :)

Internet has been down, hubby who handles the computer stuff is out of town.  I just got it back by messing with routers, wires, modems.  I have my end of the year preschool program/graduation tonight--I will get linky party up tomorrow morning.
Until then, how do you know you live in Montana?
When a moose runs through your subdivision!


  1. that is cool, my boys would love that!

  2. I cannot believe this! When we were in Montana a couple of years ago....we spent all day for a week...LOOKING for a moose and we couldn't find one for anything!!! We had fun looking though! I am trying not to envy your living in Montana!

  3. Did you know that they're delicious with mushrooms and onions!!

  4. Like watching "Northern Exposure" my son loved that show--my husband is from Butte Montana!

  5. Bwahahahahahahaha! A moose!

    Wait, what am I laughing at? We have 7 foot iguanas!

  6. OMG... I live out in the boondocks of Vermont & I don't even see them! They are my favorite animal & I have to admit, I am one jealous girl! I'm always on the search for moose (my husband thinks I'm nuts, but he sees them all of the time).


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