Saturday, January 1, 2011

May I Pick Your Brain?

Happy New Year!  As I look forward to the new year and where I want to go with my blog and junking, I have some questions for you all to help me.  I have tried searching some of these out on the internet, but can't find satisfactory or understandable answers.  So I am looking to you to help me!

1. I want to redo the look of my blog--something simpler.  At this point and time I do not make any money from my blog, so I do not want to pay for a blog redesign.  I think I am going to pick a blogger template, but whenever I do, in the preview I still see part of the background I have now, how do I get rid of that?

2.  I am trying to make pages, as you may have seen.  Is there any way to put a gadget on a page--say the blog links so that they will still show up with the newest posts showing?

3.  Advertising?  I do want to do some so I am not asking yes or no but would love to hear from those of you who do advertise--what works, what doesn't?

4.  ETSY shop owners--my goal for this month is to get my shop up and running.  I would love all advice and hints and tips.  Especially looking for information/advice on shipping and payments.

Thanks for letting me pick your brain!  I will be sending a set of three book cover tags to 3 people who comment with an answer to 1 of my questions. 
I will draw names on Wednesday!


  1. I've got a suggestion for Q1: When you put the current background on, I'm guessing it involved copying some code from their site and putting it in a gadget box in your sidebar or in your HTML code (in Blogger, under the Design tab). I'd try checking the instructions for installing a background to find where you put it, then deleting that code again.
    I'm no expert but that's what I'd try... hope it helps!

  2. gee, I got nuthin'
    I looked into the blog roll thing on a stand alone page. You would need html code, and when you add a gadget, it doesn't give you the code.
    You can "shorten" your blog roll list, and only "show" 10. Then your readers would have the option to expand it and view all. I do that, I have them "newest" first. (not alphabetically) That way your readers would see the newest updates, and if they wanted to see more they would click "show all".
    Maybe you already know that.
    Happy New Year!
    I made a couple of changes today too, it must be in the air.

  3. The Way you get rid of the blog back ground you have a free template from cutest blog on the block
    1. go to you blog page design
    2. click on every item you have in your sidebar until you see html that includes the word background? when you did your background you may of put a title on it just click on remove it
    3. What kind of background are you going to use
    just a template by blogger??

    advertising?? I need to figure that out for my own business is different but not difficult to understand it does involve some work...mostly to list on a regular basis, which I stay behind on. If you have an email or customer list *customers email addys* be sure and send the link out to everyone. maybe do a monthly or by weekly newsletter to get your links out there.
    hope I have helped some. when you tackle the blog changes I can help
    Happy New Year

  4. Hey Girl, You know, I have a lot of the same queations you do. I can't wait to hear what the pros say. As far as the templete ?, If I can remember correctly, you have to go into custom settings and pick your new backgroud there. Remember to save your new changes. I love your blog just the way it is... As for Etsy, I've been having fun for a year. What helped me the most is looking at what everyone else is saying/doing and tweeking things to fit my product. The messages they send for marketing are great too. When you have a technical issue, they have quick response answers that have solved every problem I have encountered. I can't remember where I read this... try and list something around 7 PM- that's when traffic is highest. Sure enough, if you don't sell something, never fails, someone will favorite your goodie. Did I help? Can't wait to see your Etsy shop.

  5. Figuring out Blogger? If I cannot work it out on my own, I defer to Google. I typed in: How do I delete Blogger Template, and came up with this link on "How to change your Blogger Template" Try:

    Also~ Sometimes you can ask a question on YouTube, and get great tutorial results. Hope this helps!

  6. beautiful.Belated wishes for the happy and properous new year 2011

  7. I also am not making money on my site. I am enjoying figuring things out. I use blogger and I just changed the look of my blog by clicking on everything I could find on the site. I learned a few new things and I like the way it turned out... good luck to us!
    I'd like to find out how to get people to find my site. I don't think anyone except my family has seen mine. but I'm having fun!

  8. hey you - I just recently did a similar looks like you have a background template/gadget in place from the cutest blog on the block that you'll need to remove first and then you'll be able to add the new template of your choice and it should be 'clean'. This is how I did it....hope it helps ya out! Can't wait to see what you put in place!

    Sign In to your blog.
    Click on your 'Design' tab or 'Layout' tab.
    Look for a 'HTML/JavaScript'gadget that you have in place
    This will hold the html you used to add the template way back when...
    REMOVE this gadget.
    Click 'Save'
    View Blog

  9. I don't have too much time as the hubby is waiting to take me out tonight ;P But wanted to tell you I have done all my blog design on my own and found lots of tutorials on you tube and I googled a LOT. So you may give that a shot. I also found that I got a ton of useful information from and
    Good luck! Can't wait to see the new reveal.

  10. HI Becky! As far as our ETSY shop goes, I would suggest using paypal for forms of payment. I use it and love it, I got the paypal debit card too, it is free. then you always have access to your money!! I also will accept money orders, but perfer PP, it makes transactions happen much faster. Shipping can be trickier, you have to take into consideration the weight of your items. I always try to ship priority, you can get free boxes from the post office, however keep in mind the flat rates boxes are expensive to ship, unless your items are heavy. You can also create shipping lables right through your pay pal account, print and ship right from home. That is slick!! I have never had an issue with that. Hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions!!!

  11. You aren't going to believe this but when I just had my blog redone I referred the person that made mine to yours because I loved the look of it! I can't believe you are changing it. Also I posted about the girl who did mine, she barters. I made her some simple hair flowers. Her prices are very inexpensive and I really liked working with her. You may want to check her out. Her name is Courtney at Good luck with the new ventures. I too plan to open an Etsy shop!

  12. Hi Becky!
    I really like to have a plain white background on my blog and use a photo collage for the header. That way you can have advertising (no advice there, since I have chosen an ad-free blog) and different blog buttons and not have to worry about too much clashing. I love to change up my header every so often, I get tired of the color tone or whatever. Picasa and picnik have both been amazing places to create collages from. Thats my only suggestion!
    happy new year from a mom-of-a-nose-picking-son!
    (i totally GET that photo!)

  13. 1. Not sure about the backround issue. But as far as simplification, I personally like "clean" sidebars with minimal, but useful information (creating pages helps store the info elsewhere!)

    2. And speaking of pages... I'm not sure what exactly you're looking to do besides the way you currently have them. I know you can put a gadget with text or html above all your posts which I often use for current information like "Have you entered this week's giveaway? Click here to go to that post" etc. also, I'd recommend looking here for some great customization tips, and the always awesome seven thirty three - (scroll past tutorials for all the blog tips) Hope this helped?

    3 & 4. I don't have any expertise in either of these areas for you! Sorry!

  14. Hey girlie.. Here are my "answers" to your questions.
    1.)It sounds like you still have some of the html code in your box when you upload the newer html. Those suckers are big and sometimes you can't see it all. Highlight the code and drag your mouse to make sure your getting it all deleated.
    2.)I am pretty sure it will ask you when you create this "link" how to show the current postings. Just like your archives do.... most current on top. I would suggest a top bar placing of this if your wanting people to go to your other pages easily :-)
    3.) Personally, I don't like blogs that advertise. The ones I used to LOVE now seem to be one huge ad. It makes the people I once considered "friends" to now feel like they are a business. Its probably just me.... but thats how I feel :-P
    4.)Etsy looks super easy peasy to set up. But.... and its a BIG but... you have to pay taxes at the end of the year. *gulp* who knows how to do that? My hubby is calling the state tax somthing or other to get the low down. It seems you have to fill out paper work 4x's a year and then submit it at the end of the year? To complicated for my pea size brain...but I'm still considering it lol. I hope to have mine up and running too this year. I imagine its easy to do the taxes because so many people are doing etsy..... maybe they aren't claiming it? lol


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