Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

If I am missing in action the next week or so, it is because my baby is graduating from high school.  I am ready, it is time for him to spread his wings...I cried at Target today reading graduation cards.
But, I have too much to do to be crying--in the next week: softball tourney for daughter, hubby out of town for track coaching, grad party, baccalaureate, senior dessert social, preschool graduation/program for my classes, awards assembly, talent show, graduation, senior sober party--I am the chairperson, 8th grade promotion, dance recital, sleep for a week!  So, blogging may be on the back burner, is part of my sanity, and linky parties will definitely still be going on! 


  1. Great looking son! My oldest son graduated from high school last year and it was dang hard, and I bawled when we dropped him off at college, but it was time for him to go. It is exciting to see them grow and find their place in life. Well, that is still happening of course, but I feel your pain! It will get easier. Thinking of you!


  2. sounds like our lives are identical!!!!
    I just finished sad, but so happy!

  3. Well we are all in the same boat! Mine graduated last year and moved out a couple of weeks ago. You would have thought I am never going to see him again by the way I was crying (whaling). Time goes by much too fast! Take this time to be with your family we will be here when you get back!

  4. Handsome boy! I know May is sooo busy for folks who have children and don't miss the May madness. I remember when my son graduated a few years baby...and I think that was the hardest. Take some time for yourself and June is just around the corner!

  5. Well, I am the Grammy of blogging and my oldest is is 50 and the youngest is 42. I will never get over worrying about them and to me they are still my kids. Most of the time, I wonder where all of the years went. To all of you young mothers, I say "Enjoy your children, as they will be grown before you know it".

  6. Graduation is such a mixture of emotions...we have one graduating too. Good luck with your crazy schedule this week.

  7. Congrats Becky. My son graduates HS next month and I'm already a ball of emotions! No doubt you've given him a strong foundation and he'll do great!


  8. Great Memories...My son is a freshman-and learning to drive and that alone brings tears to my eyes..I cant even drive with him-as it makes me sad to know he;ll be soon-driving away without me in the car..
    Handsome Boy.. Boy how time flys..
    Have a Great Week..

  9. I will be seeing my oldest son graduate high school this year too & I just can't believe that he's off to college in a few months. You have a very handsome young man there & as sad as it may seem, it's time to let them spread their wings. Hopefully they will be strong enough to help US through it! LOL!!

  10. My daughter graduated last Sunday. Precious memories we have and how precious time is. Blessings to you and your family during this special time.

  11. If you cried reading the cards, you better take tissues to the graduation ceremony! When they start playing the march, my waterworks began.

    It is such a wonderful time. They grow up so fast!

    SMiles and congratulations,

  12. Hang in there. We are going the same thing. It is hard to see our boys grow up and move on. I cry at the oddest times. Blessings and we can do this! Amy

  13. wow wow wow you are busy. Now I am even more grateful for the time you took to leave a comment on my blog about using a Sharpie. I did want to say that vertical surfaces could still run - even after a drying period. I let the ink dry overnight at least. Spray a first light coat of clear coat, let that set and then a more through coat.

    As for the graduation. We watched out baby graduate in 2009. I think I see more of him now than I did senior year. Enjoy all the activities. It will be a harried schedule for sure but fun to look back on.

  14. Pass the tissues! Know how you feel. My younger daughter is also graduating from h.s., last night was prom, and she looked so beautiful all dressed up. And my older daughter is graduating COLLEGE! Even she admits, time is flying! Well, if you need some great handmade graduation gift ideas, hope you'll visit my blog at
    Enjoy the wonderful moments.


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