Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little Sugar

I was in Billings last night for a Sugarland concert, which was very good.
However, while we were there, tornadoes were in the area and we were under a lockdown for a bit.
Image from Billings Gazette
It was all a little scary since the building we were in had the roof ripped off last year by a tornado. 
But, thankfully we were ok and even though tornado touched down 3 times, no one was injured and I heard some fun music while waiting the storm out.  Continue to pray for all those in Joplin and other areas that were affected by the recent storms.


  1. Oooh yikes! My best friend lives in Billings and was there last night also. Silly girl didn't tell me all that! Glad everyone is safe and sound =)

  2. Headed to Billings (from Casper, WY) in two days. I'm hoping there's nothing but wonderful weather cause as cool as the kids would think it was, I'm not so fond of tornados.

  3. I am from Billings (lived there for 20 years - go Falcons!)! I now live in Salt Lake but was so surprised to hear this news. For some reason, that city has had the worst luck in weather lately! If it isn't a flood or golf ball sized hail, it's a tornado!

  4. Glad to hear everyone was ok. I just love Sugerland, seen them in concert the first year they come aboard. Love all of their songs! Hope you enjoyed!! ( I need to check to see when they will be in Ohio next!)

  5. Sooooo....I am thinking we need to have the chocolate/kahlua mousse at our next BBQ!!!! Seriously Yummy :-)


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