Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bread Minus the B...

What do you get when you take the B out of the word bread?  Why read of course and that is what I got when I turned a vintage breadbox on its end. 

I added some feet, some paint and the word read (with the reverse stencil/vinyl technique),
and got a great storage box for books and magazines--this is the first thing that sold at the market Saturday!
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  1. How great is that! You are such a smart lady!

  2. Really fun...I think I have that same bread box sitting lonely in my you've got me thinkin, thanks :) Laurel

  3. Looks awesome, really great idea!

  4. who knew a breadbox was big enough for book storage! love the feet that you added, definitely made it more of a furniture piece. great idea!


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