Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivated Mondays--Getting Creative With Message Boards

Okay, so I am giving up on a linky party sharing what you have done based on my Motivated Monday challenge--it just confused too many folks.  However, I hope you will still do the challenge, let me know and I promise to feature you :)!  This week's Motivated Monday challenge came from what I am working on right now, a message center.  It is not quite ready to show you, but here are a few examples of other ones I have made:
 This one was made from old fence boards, a freezer basket, the outside of a thermos, and a small metal bucket.

This one was made from an old screen door with a sewing machine drawer for mail and garden fencing to hold magazines and letters.
Here is one using an old ironing board with an enamel refrigerator lid for a magnet board and a measuring cup to hold chalk.
A locker basket and old hardware drawer were added to this ladder message center.
And this one had a freezer juice holder as a mail keeper and coat hooks and collapsible metal cups for pens and pencils.

The fun part for me is collecting the various items to use on these message boards.  What will hold mail, notes, keys, etc.?   Here is your challenge--create a message board using items in a different way than originally intended.  Collect and gather--look for something for a magnet board, something for hooks, something to hold mail and pens or scissors.  What will you attach all these to or what will be your backboard?  Get funky, think outside the box, create, and most importantly, have fun!  If you do this challenge, please let me know--I'd love to show it off!


  1. Love all your message centers! Sooo creative. I don't have a post about a message center, but I am your newest follower, Mary Alice :-)

  2. Ohhhh how long do we have to complete the challenge? I'd love to do this, but I'd definitely be starting from scratch!

  3. Hmmm.... my favorite is probably the wood ironing board, but there is probably a four way tie for 2nd!


  4. I am in LOVE with your fencing message board! Thank you oh-so-much for the great is SO my style. Once I can get to our saw after finishing off our garage, I am SO MAKING this!!!!

  5. I am so excited to make me one! Now just to figure out which one, they are all so cute!


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