Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivated Mondays

 *STOP--Before you link up, PLEASE read and see what THIS linky party is about--thanks so much!!
I have been good about following my blogging resolution to prepare posts ahead of time...except today.  I did not get my motivated Monday post ready and do not have the time to do so :(.  But, I am going to still post the motivated Monday linky for you to share if you have done one of the challenges.
 The first challenge posted HERE is about using a common item in a new way or the second challenge posted HERE--using a magazine to springboard a new idea!  REMEMBER, this is NOT my Under $100 Linky Party--that goes up on Wednesday nights--THANKS!


  1. Becky; Thx so much for hosting. Great party as always. I follow via email and love all the inspiration I get from you and from the linky party. Heather @ Larissa Hill Designs

  2. Thanks for hosting! I'm your newest member.

  3. This is a fun challenge. I hope it's okay that I used a couple of older posts of things I used in a new way. Thanks for hosting!


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