Tuesday, July 3, 2012


When I saw the EAT letters on Sweet Pickins blog I knew I had to make some.  The day after I spied them, hubby came home with a small bundle of old weathered fence pieces, perfect for this project. 
 I simply laid the pieces out on the driveway to figure out cuts, etc.  I made sure they were the same width and height.  The A was the biggest challenge. but not too difficult. 
I laid it out and drew lines where I needed to cut and then took them to the miter saw to find the right angle.  BTW, here is my miter saw of choice--it was a Christmas present and we got a screaming deal on it with some trade ins of OLD tools.
I used small pieces of wood on the back to assemble the letters, sorry no pictures of that, these were taken at 6 AM before leaving for the market.  I left the wood natural--had to lightly sand it to remove possible splinter hazards (my hands are always a splintery mess) and used a clear wax on the wood.


  1. Love this. That is such a crazy coincidence. I was just looking on Pinterest this morning for "eat" signs. I like yours best out of everything I saw.

  2. love your letters EAT Becky! I have some fence... but I just don't think they would go over 'round these parts. :(

    great job!
    ps happy 4th!

  3. This is Melissa @ daisymaebelle! LOVE this! I must get some power tools!!!

  4. That is brilliant! I'm always making letters and/or trying to make letters (I have a thing for letters) and these are so cool, rustic and simple.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Ha, ha. At first I thought this said "FAT" (the plant shadows obscure the bottom of the E a bit). I thought, "Pretty cheeky!" But then, I've been discouraged about my weight lately, so maybe it's just my freudian brain at work.


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