Monday, December 3, 2012

Art On the Flip Side

A few years ago I made this free art (you can read about it HERE):
For the past two years I have left this up during Christmas, but have added red berries to it (you can read about that HERE):
But since I am doing a white and cream theme for  Christmas this year, the red berries weren't going to work.  I turned the window around and painted the luan board white. I added some narrow wood trim boards for a frame and screws for a ribbon star.
I had a cream colored lace ribbon from Michaels.  It didn't stand out enough so I coffee stained it.  The lace ribbon by itself was a little too pretty for me so I wrapped jute around the star three times to roughen it up a bit.  
A few other white and natural touches completed this side of my shelf.  
And the best part is that when Christmas is over, I can turn it around and go back to my blue art.


  1. Creative! Big stars seem to be very popular this season; I love how you've used jute; so pretty against the white and natural color woods. Gorgeous idea.

  2. Two in one art! Great idea. :)


  3. I love the star! Great idea turing it around... now you've got me thinking what I can flip around here :)

  4. Love it - 2 for 1. The star looks great!

  5. Both things are so gorgeous! So creative to use it for both things.

  6. Love how creative you are!! The star is beautiful! who would of thought? great idea...

  7. aren't you clever! :) Love the star, and the way you have everything displayed!
    btw that's ONE big pine cone!

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