Monday, December 31, 2012

Article Shmarticle

What's in an article, as in the part of speech?  Is there a big difference between a and the?  These are questions I ponder as I prepare to open an etsy shop this week.  The name Beyond The Picket Fence is taken and although I think it is silly, etsy does not allow shops with more than one name, but I have Beyond A Picket Fence reserved.  I have been Beyond THE Picket Fence for twelve plus years, but only locally...well and internationally on my blog. 

So my question is this: Do you think an article is a big deal?  Should I change my blog name?  Can I have the shop name Beyond The Picket Fence with the user name Beyond A Picket Fence?  While you ponder and hopefully help answer those questions, let me show you some of the things I will be putting in my etsy shop.  Items such as:
wood serving trays
and boxes,
and signs,
coat hooks and more!

I am accepting any other etsy advice--thank you so much!!


  1. Good for you! I'll be excited to see your new shop. I've thought about it, but... I don't think the "A" or "the" matters too much, but have you considered a dba name? Something that is different, but connected to Beyond The Picket Fence? It might be a fun way to experience with the some branding.

  2. I don't think it will matter...sometimes I go by THE Farmhouse Porch, sometimes just Farmhouse Porch. Your name is unique enough that people will know it's you. Especially if you mention your blog on your etsy page. So excited for you, you'll do great!


  3. Well BOO for Beyond "THE" Picket Fence Etsy Store person!
    On a side note, people will find you either're amazing! You could call your store "Stupid Crap" and it wouldn't make a difference. Good luck!

  4. I don't recommend changing your blog name. I recommend instead selecting a shop name like, "Shop Beyond the Picket Fence" instead. On your header, you can still create a logo image that just says, "Beyond the Picket Fence" and I think if people search just Beyond the Picket Fence, you should still show up in the search. I had the opposite problem - I had my shop before my blog and named my shop, "Knick of Time", but when I went to create a blog, the name was already taken by someone who had NO posts on their blog. It was frustrating, but I just have a blog address that includes the word "Interiors" - when people Google Knick of Time, my blog always shows up, so it hasn't been a problem. Best of luck to you, Becky!

  5. congrats! you'll do well either way! I kind of like "the" makes it sound like it's a specific fence, haha!

  6. what about The Picket Fence and Beyond? Playing with your blog name to create a brand for the store name? I had / have (?) a blog called It's Toile Good and then opened a store called Toile Good Things...they work together, but are just different enough to play with branding them a little differently. Either way - high five and all the best!

  7. Looking forward to browsing your new Etsy shop.

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. Yes to all the comments that talked about expanding your brand by using a variation of your blog name on Etsy; I wouldn't change something that's already successfully established (your blog name). Definitely select a name that would work on Etsy and any other online or brick and mortar retail channel you open in the future, so I'd stay away from adding Etsy to the name.

    My suggestion: "Beyond The Picket Fence Shoppe"

    Also think these were great suggestions {from Angie} "Shop The Picket Fence and Beyond" and
    {from Allison} "The Picket Fence and Beyond".

    Best wishes for 2013 and great success in your online store venture. Robin

  9. Cool! Cant wait to see it! I was going to comment and say "Beyond the Picket Fence the Shoppe" but I see someone else already said that.... I think it is important to keep the "the" in it, there are so many variations of names out there I wouldn't want you to get confused with anyone else.

  10. I like the idea of "Beyond the Picket Fence Shoppe". You are the one that is going to have to be happy and live with your decision. Good luck in 2013 what ever name you choose. I think you have some fellow bloggers (including me) that will follow you what ever your name is. :) Happy New't wait til you get your shop open.

  11. OOoo Can't wait to see it on Esty!! Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!! by the looks it already is..

  12. Congrats on opening your etsy shop! I read through the comments and think the other posters had great suggestions about the name issue.
    Have a very Happy New Year!

  13. There are a lot of great suggestions above for you to ponder. No matter what you choose, your Etsy shop will do well. Congratulations on opening it and I wish you luck and happiness.
    Happy New Year, Becky!

  14. Congrats on opening an Etsy shop. You have such a great style. I'm sure whatever you decide to do with the name, it will be a success. I'll keep an eye out and add it to my faves. Happy New Year!

  15. How about "Shoppe Beyond the Picket Fence" that would be kind of like Shop Around the Corner from "You've Got Mail". When will this shop open, I am ready to order.

  16. Congrats for your esty shop, hope all the suggested idea will work well for you, just pray for your success and well being.
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  17. Just recommend that you should use 'the' in the name of your shop as it just adore the name of your shop. Well your candles and coat hooks are really wonderful, just wish you best for your work.

  18. I agree about not changing your blog name. My vote would be The Picket Fence and Beyond.

  19. What about "Beyond the Picket Fence and More"?

  20. Anyone who has used the internet for any length of time for business and success, and for whom search results are key (YOU) needs to keep the string of three words EXACTLY the way it has been. Adding to one end or the other won't hurt ~
    KEEP THE STRING TOGETHER. "A" will make a difference.

    1. PS Love your stuff. Recent follower. Congrats on the new venture!

  21. How exciting, CONGRATS! I like the idea Angie and Robin had, and I agree with Candy who made me LOL so hard! Much success!

  22. One more to think about: Beyond the Olde Picket Fence. Looking forward to viewing all when you are ready for us to shoppe

  23. Well first off, don't change your blog name, that's YOU to us. As far as Etsy, that will undoubtedly spark a whole new bunch of people, customers and blog followers who will know you as one or the other. I think you can use Beyond A, or Beyond My, Beyond Our, Beyond Your, anything you want and that is how your Etsy followers will know you and come to love you.


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