Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Island

I made ANOTHER island for the show I did this past weekend.  This one was made out of pallet boards.
It was a quick build as these pallet pieces were all in good shape and I made very few cuts.
After painting and staining it came the fun part--adding the extra elements.  I painted a chalkboard on a cupboard door and added it to the front.
A metal mailbox makes a great place for cookbooks, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar.

A towel bar made from a chair spindle,
a hook and church pew clip complete the island.

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  1. I love it, what a fabulous idea. I think it is so creative, and boy it is so substantial too. You are amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. P.S. Be sure to link this up to Inspire Me on my blog this Tuesday. Actually the party will be live Monday evening. I would love to feature this. Hugs, marty

  3. Oh My Gosh - that is sooo cute! Great attention to detail.

  4. This is so awesome Becky! I just love it. Love the rustic feel, the colors, the chalkboard, the mailbox. So cool!

  5. so cool! love the color and the mailbox! :)

    I need to build a work bench for myself someday VERY soon. I have a couple of pallets....


  6. Becky
    I love it!!! wow really a great island work station. You have the neatest projects in town. Great post. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. Very fun, and I love your "extras!" I have to the metal mailbox a vintage find, or do you have a source?

  8. This is extremely cool, its looks like a great project. I've got some wood fence Portland that we just took out for new stuff. Instead of burning the wood, I should try to build something like this first. Thanks again for sharing!

  9. Love,love your island, great putting together of throw away goodies. My kind of project. You did such a great job putting that together. Your island looks like it won't ever wear out.
    I so envy you living in MT. We used to live outside Helena on south side of Canyon Ferry Lake. I'd go back to MT in a heart beat. We've lived in Tucson, SanDiego, Townsend, MT, Bowling Green, KY area, Grand Junction, CO area where we live now. We had a crafts business in MT, did pretty well. Here people don't seem to know what distressed is or like it. We've been acquiring pallets lately so we can make some pallet goodies. I just have to find a good place to market our items. Can't afford to pay for fees to get into craft shows, they're very high here. Thought I'd try Craigs list and another free website to sell, no fee. Good luck in your wonderful business. I'd love to hear from you about MT.
    Happy Weekend

    1. I'm in the same boat but in a little town south of Denver near Castle Rock. I would like to be able to do this for a business, but like you, I'm not sure where to market my items. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way if you know people in your community. My hairdresser knows everyone in town and I think would be a great marketing tool. I have found in the past when I had my own business that networking with people in my community was helpful. If you send other people business, they will hopefully send you business in return. I'm with you on not paying for a space in a shop somewhere, because I'm sure it's expensive. There's a place in Castle Rock that has lots of independent shops with shabby chic furniture. But all the times I have been in there, I have never seen anyone loading up anything that they have purchased. I just don't know how much you can sell in one of those places. I have never been to the Mile High Flea Market, but plan to check it out soon.

  10. You seriously are freaking amazing! I LOVE this! I wish you'd do a tutorial on how you did this one! I'd love to try but need word pictures for this brain! Thank you for sharing!! Soo inspiring!

  11. I plan to start on some projects very soon and this is one that I would like to make. I know you don't have a lot of time, but I would love a tutorial on the island. I really like the one you created that has casters and the wine holder too. Thanks!

  12. Becky, this is absolutely AMAZING!! LOVE it!!

  13. You are so inspiring! This is so awesome!!!!! I really really love it!


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