Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Dog

First of all, the important stuff--prayers are with all those in Boston dealing with another senseless tragedy.  Praying for peace for our nation and world!

Now the not so important stuff--I already shared this dog bed on my Facebook page, but if you haven't seen it or aren't on Facebook (and because I have nothing else to share today) I thought I would show it here.  I saw this originally at Home Frosting.  I made it a little differently than she did, but same style.  I used, wait for it...pallet wood.
I added some paint and a wishful, hopeful thinking sentiment--good dog.  My puppy wasn't so sure she could live up to the high expectations.
A pillow ticking cover, that is removable for washing finished up this cozy dog spot.
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  1. She certainly was a good dog while posing for that pic :)

  2. I love that wee bed. Your dog doesn't look so sure.

  3. She looks like she's in trouble, little sweetheart. Aaaaahhhh.
    Love her dog bed, you are giving me so many incredible ideas for things to make with our newly acquired pallets, we'll have to get more. Thanks so much for sharing this project. Love how easy it looks also and so very cute, perfect for your little lady.
    Don't know if we have enuf wood to make one for our dear fellow. Think we'll let him sleep on his pallet in our room in front of a dresser. I even put a tablecloth over the drawers and knobs so it's more comfy for him. Hubs wants to know when I'm going to fuss for him, I told him when he turns into a dog. No more ?'s out of him. Have to keep him guessing, lol. Hey we've been married a long time, have to have something to wake him up and no I'm not mean to him. Happy Days

  4. That's it. . . I am buying a circular saw today! (Is that what I need to cut this?!) Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  5. This is so cute... And your puppy's face is priceless!

  6. I pinned the dog bed, but is that I puggle I'm looking at?


  7. Thanks for the shout to Boston and asking for prayers...I am a Bostonian and Monday was a very sad day. Together we stand tall and will not allow this act of terrorism defeat us!

  8. That's so cute... I love love love it!!!

    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  9. I love this idea! I made a pet bed out of an old chair that turned out really nice too! Thanks for the great idea! www.freckledhorse@blogspot.com


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