Monday, September 9, 2013

Shabby French Linen Dresser

I bought this dresser several years ago.  She has been hanging out in my basement. storing "stuff", waiting for a new life.
Today was the day she was reborn.  I think I avoided this piece in the past because the glossy, flaking paint scared me.  But with chalk paint, that is no longer a problem.
I did have to use some wood filler on the top back edge and sanded a bit to get the flaking paint off.  I used French Linen from Annie Sloan to paint 'er up.  I put the paint in the fridge for about 30 minutes ahead of time to thicken it up and then painted one coat, painting in a messy manner.
I sanded with a fine sand paper.
I love the wood applique details,

and the chippy paint that came through.

I used spray adhesive to line the drawers with 1912 Saturday Evening Post pages.
Chippy, shabby and sweet--ready for a new home.

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