Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rustic, Hobbled Together Entertainment Table/Bar

How is that for a catchy title? 

 I am afraid there are not too many brain cells firing right now.  I am getting ready for a show.  And while I am excited, I also bust it trying to get done EVERYTHING I planned and dreamed I would create.  

It never happens, but I do try.

I decided I didn't have enough big pieces so I hobbled this bar/serving table together 2 days ago.  
I started with an enamel top from a disabled hoosier base.  I painted it with chalk paint because it was badly scratched.
My neighbor said, " I could never imagine this or think up something like this to make."  I told him I had no idea what I was making when I started, that I can't think it up or all the way through before I start--I just put pieces together until I end up with something.

I used a drawer for a base and some nice 4x4 legs (from the aforementioned neighbor).  I decided since this ended a little taller than I planned, there was room for shelf, so I threw that in there.
I added a coat hook and bottle opener

and a level for a towel bar.  

Sorry about the background--I was the only one home and this piece was too heavy to move very far for photos.  I am pretty sure the new neighbors moving in across the street think the lady bringing wine and cheese and crackers to the photograph in the front yard is crazy.


  1. looks great! you have a great imagination - I would have never thought of this!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Love it..totally inspired me to do something with an old table top i have stored behind a wardrobe.

  3. love it Becky! I don't plan anything either... well sometimes I do, but I don't usually stick to the plan hahahaha
    great job, and I feel weird when I stage my stuff too... most of the neighbors just shake their head. :)
    good luck at your show... I thing mr hobble will go quickly!


  4. I came to your blog to see how you put together the table (Lots of fun!) but was totally blessed by your Sunday Verses. Thanks for putting those out in the blogosphere. Jim in TN

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