Monday, October 14, 2013

Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves have been around for awhile, but I have never made one until a few weeks ago.
ladder, reclaimed wood, shelf, Beyond The Picket Fence,
I had a half of a tall ladder, I had used the other half or side for something a few years back.  I screwed barnwood pieces to the rungs, screwing them in from the underside of the rungs.
repurposed, ladder, shelf, Beyond The Picket Fence,
I added some D rings to the top part of the ladder so it can be secured to a wall.
ladder shelf, wax, old ladder, wood, reclaimed, repurposed, Beyond The Picket Fence,
I decided to leave it in its natural wood state--which doesn't happen often.  It went to a new home this past weekend.
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  1. Love the ladder shelf. What a wonderful addition to your home. You did a great job on it. Guess I should be on the lookout for an old ladder now;)

  2. Becky, this is awesome. You definitely should make one of these again. I imagine you were a bit sad to see it go! :)

  3. great project Becky! you're lucky to have barn wood!


  4. This si such a lovely odea. I really want to do this -will be looking out for old ladders and wood...

  5. I love that you kept it the original wood even though I always love the paint technique and colors you chose. This is perfect as is!

  6. Love it! I'd like one too but I haven't any walls left! Huge blessings to you this week, Patti

  7. Ladder shelves have been around for awhile, but I have never made ...


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