Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Make a Tray from Reclaimed Wood

I know, I know...rustic, reclaimed, salvaged wood are words used around here A LOT.  I love the stuff--give me a new load of reclaimed wood and I am like a kid in a candy store.

reclaimed, salvaged  barn wood
  Where do I get my wood?  I am blessed to have a freind who is a cabinet maker.  He mainly makes rustic, Montana style cabinets.  He gives me his scraps and unusable pieces.  But, I also use a lot of pallet wood.  HERE is a previous post I did that answers some pallet questions such as where to find them, how to take the apart.  

I used some lovely reclaimed oak to make this tray.

A serving tray made from reclaimed barnwood

I started with four pieces cut 16" long.  I painted these.  Remember to paint the ends (I forgot and did it after I made the tray) and sides of the two outside pieces.
Painting reclaimed barn wood

I then decided on which wood I would use for the sides to form the tray.  I cut two pieces 16" long and two 10".
Using reclaimed oak to make a tray
I attached the long sides first, screwing in through what would be the bottom of the tray.
Using reclaimed wood to build a tray
I then added the end side pieces of reclaimed wood.
how to make a tray from salvaged wood
Next, I put one screw on each corner--these screws are visible.
screwing the corners together on a tray made from salvaged wood
I then attached the final two pieces of the bottom of the tray.
Salvaged wood on the bottom of a tray
I sanded it and used a mixture of coconut oil and Annie Sloan dark wax (which is food safe) to darken the wood and make it all purdy.
serve lemonade on a lovely reclaimed barn wood tray
Some added handles were the finishing touch for this tray. 
Metal handles painted with chalk paint on a wood tray
It is heavy because it is all oak!
colorful tray made from reclaimed barn wood
Nice and sturdy and perfect for some lemonade, a pitcher of margaritas, breakfast in bed... How would you use it? 
a tray made from reclaimed salvaged barn wood

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  1. So jealous you get all that beautiful wood for free! LOVE how your tray turned out, the colors and textures are so pretty :)

  2. I loved. Can I participate in the draw, I live in Brazil?

  3. You sure are lucky to get all that awesome free wood! :) Love your tray--your painting technique is so YOU, when I'm browsing Pinterest, your projects scream beyond the picket fence. I so love the colors, and the way you use them Becky.


  4. I love the bright turquoise blue you use so often in you projects. Love this serving tray.

  5. Where do you get your handles? I've noticed different ones you've used on other projects and they always stand out to me. They look very sturdy without being utilitarian. Love your tray!

  6. This is such an awesome tray! I love that the colors are on the bottom and you left the sides. It is so cool you get that scrap wood, because you make such amazing things with it!

  7. Becky you are so great at whipping up a reclaimed wood masterpiece and then painting it too!

  8. Love your tray, Becky! It looks so sturdy and not fragile like a glass tray. If I had that darlin' tray, I'd load it up with a good ol' pitcher of Sweet Ice Tea and lemons and then go visit my neighbor :) TFS!

  9. GORGEOUS tray! Your signature colours certainly make it shine!


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