Monday, January 19, 2015

Wood Block XO

Do you ever set out to make something and you have no plan at all?

No idea on how what is inside your head is going to get out and translated into something that people will recognize?
Wood Letters

Yep, that was what happened with this particular project.  Now for the building gurus out there, this appears to be a seemingly easy project. But, although I build a ton, I don't deal in angles.  I am all bout the bass (no treble), I mean the rectangle and the square.  90 degree angles, I can work with those all day long.

30 degree angles?  Those are a little more tricky.  But, through the trial and error, and error, and error method I worked it all out. However, there will be no exact, blue print kind of a tutorial here. Not yet anyway, maybe when I venture to try another.

Funny thing is, hubby is a former math teacher and he would have been all over those angles, but he was skiing, and I have no patience--when I want to create, I want to create.
Wood Letters
The X was relatively easy.  Using 2x4's, I cut 30 degree angles and while it is not perfect, it worked.  I had to look at it and use a yardstick and draw on the wood with a pencil to get my cuts going the right direction.  I assembled the letters with screws.

The O, oh the O.  I started by trying to make a hexagon, but not an even hexagon.  I had 30 degree angles, and 45 degree angles and straight pieces that weren't straight.  I drilled into my finger and twisted and turned the pieces--it wasn't going to happen.
Wood Letters
So, I decided to make a boxier O.  I still was off on my measurements and it ended up a little shorter than the X--we are calling that character.  Lots and lots of character.

I painted it red, and then decided to do a more non-traditional color and added some green and turquoise.  I distressed them heavily and added a little stain.
Wood Letters
Perfect? Nope.  But I certainly learned a lot and next time it will probably (maybe, hopefully) take me half the amount of time.  

Here's wishing you a little XO in your day!


  1. This is amazing! I love the color, the size of the letters. It is awesome! Now I need to get me some boards out of my wood pile and create it too!

    Emily- Our house now a home

    1. Thanks Emily! I am definitely going to make another set now that I have it figured out!

  2. So it may not be perfect but...that's the best part. It's called character. Love it.

  3. I love graphic...they look great! And I think they're perfect just as they are!

  4. You picked one of my favorite color combos.It's perfect in my eyes!

  5. Fun colors and super cool idea -- thanks for sharing!!


  6. I'm also not an angle do it yourselfer...pfff its tricky... But you did a great job...and with your permission I,m gonna copy you...


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