Friday, June 26, 2015

Project Challenge: Metal

Hello and happy Friday and welcome to another Project Challenge.  
This month's challenge was metal--sheet or corrugated.
metal, planter, project challenge,

The only problem is, my heavy metal supply (AC/DC, KISS??) is in storage due to the house selling business. 

So I cheated ever so slightly...
metal planter, repurposed, flowers,
I used something metal that had survived the "packing it away to sell" frenzy--a metal drawer liner intended to hold dry goods such as flour.

I left it as is, a little imperfect like me.
metal planter, drawer, grow, flowers, junk garden,
I stenciled the word Grow. on it, using Fusion Mineral Paint in Seaside.
stencil, fusion mineral paint, metal, planter,
I then sprayed it with Helsman clear spray and screwed two holes in the back and added picture hanging wire.
metal, repurposed,
I threw a few aluminum cans in the bottom, and then planted it up.  
front porch, planter, grow, flowers, metal,
In a week or so, it will be in full bloom and the flowers will start to cascade out the front and I will smile. 
front porch, planter, metal, grow, junk garden,
NOW, sit back and enjoy visiting the other bloggers joining me in the challenge!

Fern Creek Cottage

And now we would love to see your metal projects.  Please link them up here and remember to include a link back to Beyond The Picket Fence.


  1. Such a cute, creative projects! I'm proud of both of us getting our projects done despite the craziness of moving! We deserve a cookie! :)

  2. I love it Becky! And really it's not a cheat - it was made from sheet metal right? Just because you didn't make it doesn't change the fact it was sheet metal to start with :)

  3. Becky it is adorable! I love anything metal and I love how you are telling the plants to just "grow"!

  4. I love it! What a great idea. That is the perfect grow box!!

  5. all of these projects are awesome xx

  6. Though you didn’t have any heavy metal, at least you found an aluminum can, and turn it into a hanging flower pot and it turned out really good. It actually makes a beautiful house decoration. I believe it's tough to use metals as decors and that's why I'm glad that you took this challenge, Becky. Good job! :)

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising


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