Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BEFORE: Our Schoolhouse, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Okay, the tour of our old schoolhouse continues today with the bedrooms and bathrooms.  Let's start with the master bedroom:
The door on the right is the bathroom door and the door on the left is the pocket door to the closet.  Therre is decent berber carpeting in here that will be changed eventually to hopefully the original wood floors underneath.  The cupboard doors to the right of the bathroom doors are a linen closet, the upper cupboard is accessible from the bathroom as well.  All of the bedrooms have plain, hollow core doors--we have already bought some solid wood ones tat Habitat for Humanity to replace them. 

The closet/slash dressing room is huge.  It was the original coat closet for the school. It is huge, has the original windows in it.  They do have shades to prevent clothes fading.  We are already re-working the shelves and hanging space, have a dresser in here.  There mirror is a nice space for me to put make-up on with natural light.
The bathroom--ahh, so many projects.  Carpet--eek!  It is coming out soon!!  The vanity is homemade and very shallow and the vanity top is baaaad!  It needs a new lighting fixture and mirror and...HELP!
There is an under the stair space in the master bedroom that is not covered at all. We ar building a large shelf on wheels to place here.  They left the huge, heavy safe and it has been moved to the closet.  There is nook area with a lovely Hoosier desk that they left they we will use.  The same shoji screens that were in the great room are in the bedroom.  While they do provide some nice light filter, they will be replaced.  There are also pink vinyl shades on the original windows in here.  I will be making/buying fabric blinds for these windows.  The sconces will be replaced.
Outside of the bedroom is a closet that has lots of storage (and opens to this space in the bedroom, we will close it off).  There are also pink carpeted stairs leading to my daughter's attic room, carpet is coming out this week!
The spare bedroom is known as the scary doll room and you will see why in a minute.  The pink carpet will eventually go and hopefully we have original hardwood under here.  Until them I am going to decorate with the pink--adding turquoises and red.  The vertical blinds must be replaced soon too.

In 3 corners of the room there are built in shelves encased in glass with a doll collection that was left.  My kids have dubbed them the scary or creepy dolls. I am not sure what will happen with the dolls, some are very sweet, some are a little nightmare inducing.  At any rate, glass is off, dolls are down and shelves are coming down.
Outside the guest room is a bathroom that needs a few cosmetic touches--new towel bars, new vanity top at leats, but i love the wood floors and exposed brick.  The door I bought for here is awesome--I can't wait to show you!

The upstairs attic room will be so cute.  Pink carpeting is coming out and a darker laminate is going in (my daughter's choice).  Walls are being painted a lighter grey.  
She has her own bathroom with shower that needs some cosmetic touchups. It does have a great shelf area in it.
And there is a fairly large closet space for the teenage girl!

Thanks for touring, give me your feedback! Now, back to work for me.


  1. Honestly, I think everything is just amazing and even though it seems like you have a lot of work ahead , It will be so worth it to have repurposed this amazing building into a beautiful home!! I can not wait to follow your progress. This is good enough to be a reality show on the DIY channel....Hmmmmm.....Think about that one for a bit????


  2. I can't wait to see how you make this schoolhouse your home Becky! Such a cool home!

  3. This is quite an undertaking you are taking on but once it is done it will look terrific.

  4. I just took the full tour in one sitting and I think I'm going to lay awake at night dreaming of decorating all the unique areas you have. A challenge but a fun one, and if anyone can whip a place into shape and have it turn out looking great it's you. Once some pink is removed, you've got great bones to work with, no avocado and gold fixtures to replace!

  5. What fun to see the bedrooms. They seem to be pretty large and you have an incredible amount of closet space. You are going to make it all look great and I'm looking forward to following the progress. Funny that they left the dolls behind. Several of them look like they are Madame Alexander dolls which are highly collectible. My daughter has several boxed up in our attic. Have fun and be blessed!

  6. Whew!! Lots to be done!! They left so much behind... a rare thing... Thanks for sharing your new adventure with us!


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