Thursday, December 17, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 12, Last Minute Gift

Here we are, a week away from Christmas eve.  Are you ready?  Still need a gift for someone special?
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With some scrap wood, hooks, and about an hour's worth of time you can create this gorgeous coat hook.
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You need two longer boards (mine are 34" long) and various scrap pieces that measure approximately 7-8" long.  These scraps can be pallet boards, barnwood, or any other bits and pieces you may find.  
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After sanding all of the wood pieces, lay the short pieces FACE DOWN on your work surface.  You want to try and place different types and sizes of wood to each other.  
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Then lay your long boards horizontally across your wood.  
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I screwed the boards in, using just two screws in most of the boards.  I placed the screws a little right to center on one horizontal board and a little left to center on the the other horizontal board.  I used four screws on a few of the wider vertical boards.  Screw near the inside edge on the horizontal boards so you make sure to hit the vertical board.
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Next add your hooks.  I always add the end hooks first and then find the middle points from there.
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Finish the wood with Minwax poly acrylic in a satin or semi gloss sheen.  It really brings out the beauty of the natural wood.
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I used heavy duty D rings on the back  for hanging the coat hook.
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This is a gift that you can be proud to give to anyone.
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It takes very few materials and is quick and easy.
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Another great last minute gift would be my book, Crafting with Wood Pallets.  Order it NOW. It includes bonus projects made with bits and pieces of scrap pallet wood.
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  1. Nice! I love, love, love project with scraps and leftover materials. And this one is pretty, too.

    1. Thank you! I love scraps too-I just have to keep hubby from burning them.


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