Monday, February 1, 2016

A-DOOR-able Bench

So, last night at 9 o'clock I spied this half door piece that I have had for quite awhile.
old door, bench, salvaged, DIY, chippy paint,
And knowing that I needed something new in my booth, I decided to quickly piece together a bench.
bench, DIY, woodworking, old door, salvaged wood, chippy paint, minwax, wold blanket, plaid blanket, entryway,

Forgive me, there is no step by step tutorial, it was nine on a Sunday night I wanted the bench ready to go by 10 AM so I worked quickly and did not stop to grab my camera.
bench, entryway, old door, chippy paint, sander, salvaged wood, reclaimed,
I pieced this together with a little of this and a little of that--which really is my favorite way to create.  I cut the half of a door in half lengthwise and used another single panel I had from a different old door for the back of the bench.
old door, reclaimed wood, bench, salvaged, entryway, wool plaid blanket, Minwax, DIY,
I added brackets to the inside of the bench sides for the seat.  I used 3 pieces of wood from our old schoolhouse for the seat.  Two of the pieces were old trim from the schoolhouse. I also added a bracket under the seat along the back, running lengthwise between the two sides.
old door bench, build it, reclaimed wood, salvaged, chippy paint, minwax, plaid blanket, wool blanket,
I added a board underneath the front of the seat that is a piece from an old piano we took apart.

I left the finishes as they were on all the salvaged pieces.  I simply did some sanding (with a respirator mask because there was probably lead paint on the old door parts) and then added a coat of Minwax Polyacrylic in a semi-gloss finish.
old door bench, chippy paint, DIY, Minwax,
I love the sides that are very weathered on the outside, but still have quite a bit of white paint on the inside.   Four colors were revealed on the back door panel when I sanded it.
old door bench, woodworking, salvaged, DIY, entryway, bench, Minwax, plaid wool blanket,
Hobbled together with bits and pieces makes me happy.  By the way, I scored this 100% wool, made in Peru alpaca blanket in perfect condition at the thrift store for $1.99.  That makes me happy too!


  1. I appreciate the time this project must have taken. This bench is uniquely beautiful.

    1. Thank you, it came together surprisingly fast, I was in the building zone!

  2. I love how your bench turned out, Becky...and you styled it beautifully, too!

    1. Thank you Linda. It was a quick styling s it then headed to my antique booth!

  3. The bench turned out great, Becky! I love the map pillow as well.

  4. It's a-"door"-able! You are one creative lady.

  5. Just a little something you whipped up...... well I love it and I pinned it.

  6. You did a great job on the bench Becky! I love all the projects that you do. You make them seem easy!

  7. This is so beautiful! And where did you get the map printed pillow- I love it:)

  8. I just picked up a FREE door yesterday. I've always wanted to make another door bench.
    I love yours Becky! Pinned!


  9. I have a 1/2 wooden door. It's very thick and solid. Like it was a front door.did you use the half or full door?

  10. I have a 1/2 wooden door. It's very thick and solid. Like it was a front door.did you use the half or full door?


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