Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Level Shelf

I don't collect many things and when I do, I keep the collection small because I just don't want an overwhelming amount stuff.

While unpacking (yes, still 8 months later) some boxes last week I discovered my wind-up alarm clock collection.
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I haven't seen this collection in awhile because I had put it away about a year or so before we sold our house.  I decided it was time to display it again.

level shelf, small shelf, DIY, easy shelf, alarm clock, clock collection, antique,
I took another favorite of mine that I started loosely "collecting" a few years ago, an old level, and in about five minutes I had the perfect place for my clocks.
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I hung it under my large clock that hangs on the wall near the library.
clock collection, wall shelf, level, DIY,
I used two small hinges I had to hang the shelf, securing them to the level first and then the wall.  Yes, I drilled into this old level because it is a broken old level, which to "real" collectors, make it undesirable.  
hanging a shelf, old level, DIY,
Broken or not, I love old levels 
old level, shelf, DIY, wall shelf,
and their details.
antique level, shelf, wall shelf,
This one has an S stamped on it.
old level, wall shelf, DIY, easy shelf, vintage,
My new shelf is perfect for my small clock collection.
clock collection, old level, shelf, wall clock, DIY, easy shelf,
What do you collect?


  1. That's a very interesting display. I wonder what the S stands for?

  2. Thanks! My guess is the S was the owner's last initial, but I also was thinking Stanley tools??

  3. I love this Becky 😊 I have been wanting to start a small old clock collection. Such a great idea to use the old level as a shelf. Now I need to find an old level....oh and some clock's too lol

  4. What a creative way to display your collection of clocks!


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