Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! On our recent trip to the Redwoods I was fascinated by the huge root bases of the toppled trees. They were massive, but sadly they do not grow very deep--only 5 to 6 feet. The shallow root system is one of the main reasons these giants topple in adverse conditions. Many of us are like the redwood trees. We may have a great looking life, we look like we are successfully growing and thriving because we say and do the right things. But, when life gets tough, when our faith is tested--we suffer and fail because we have not been rooted in Christ. Friends, we can appear to the world that we have it all together, but if we have not built our faith on Jesus, we will fall. Spend time in his Word, talk to God, build deep roots of faith so that you will stand strong when you need to.

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  1. Thank you Becky...I never knew that about the redwoods. Wonderful and so true message. I pray you have a wonderful week :)


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