Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Little Blue Workhorse Bench

Don't you just love those pieces of furniture that are workhorses? You know, the ones that you wish you had 10 of because you could use them in so many places?

That is how this little reclaimed wood bench that I made is--VERSATILE!
bench, reclaimed wood, side table, rustic, paint, stain,

This is simple construction so I didn't take process pictures.  3 chunks of 11" x 2" wood (the legs cut 15" tall, the top 20"), a smaller piece for a bottom shelf, and a trim or 1"x 4" board for a cross piece. I used the Kreg jig on it.
reclaimed wood, bench, table, salvaged, rustic, old books,
The diagonal is not really necessary, it was plenty sturdy without it.  But, I like the way it looks.
bench, table, rustic, reclaimed wood, workhorse, DIY,
I painted the bottom part with Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Aubossan Blue and the stained all of it with Espresso Minwax.  I love this bench as a little display table in an empty space.
rustic, bench, workhorse, salvaged, reclaimed wood, stool, build it,
But, it also works as an extra seat at the kitchen table,
bench, chair, rustic, reclaimed wood, chalk paint, stain,
or in the bathroom to hold towels and TP,
workhorse bench, towel holder, rustic bathroom, reclaimed wood,
or as a side table for a favorite chair.
reclaimed wood bench, side table, endtable, rustic decor,
It would also be great on a porch, in the garden, as bedside table for a child, in the kitchen for cookbooks and bowls, or ...
bench, reclaimed wood, workhorse,
Where would you use it?


  1. I love this piece, Becky...beautiful and functional!

  2. I love it as a side table. I have a similar one I made in my carport/porch. No cross bar but still very sturdy. So handy to set groceries down on as I'm bringing them in the house. Mine is stained on the bottom & paint washed sage green on the top. Yours is beautiful Becky. Great job!

    1. Thanks Deb! I am going to make 3 more :). I debated on staining the bottom and painting the top...

    2. It looks real nice that way. Wish I could send you a picture of it.

  3. Love it as an end table and those colors are nice. In the process of trying to come up with a new coffee table idea for our next place. thinking something on wheels with a country flair. Quick question is anne sloan paint thick or thin?

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Thanks Carole! The paint is typically thick. It can be thickened even more so by putting it in the fridge.


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