Monday, July 3, 2017

Boho Rustic Sofa Table

It almost always pays to take a second, closer look at garage sales and the thrift store.  

That is what I did recently and I spied with my little eyes a table that had a bodacious base being used to hold small items at a yard sale. I asked if it was for sale and I was told, "Sure!" 

I made sure to point out the flaws (a top with peeling layers of veneer) and examine it closely before I asked the price.  When I was told $10 I said I would take it. (I swear I took a before picture, but can't find it.)
use reclaimed wood to make a boho rustic table

I knew the table base was worth it and would look great with a new top. I am calling this a boho rustic look because the bright, fun colors are definitely funky and hip, but the dark barnwood makes it rustic too.

boho rustic sofa table made from reclaimed barnwood and garage sale table
I removed the original table top and cut the rounded, curved sides off.  I then peeled off most of the veneer and sanded down the rest of the rough areas. 

I cut barnwood and pallet boards and used a healthy amount of glue to attach the to the original tabletop that I cut down.  I then used the air nailer to further secure the boards, nailing from the underside of the table.  I added a reclaimed wood border, mitering the corners. 
pallet wood boho rustic table
I painted the boards (see my tutorial for doing that HERE) and stained it all in Special Walnut from Minwax.  The base had a rough finish that I lightly sanded and then used a dark walnut gel stain on.
use a garage sale find and salvaged wood to make a boho rustic table
I would be keeping this if I had a place for it, but alas, it is for sale.  I hope it finds a happy home!


  1. Nice find. I always love it when I find something great like that.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I was willing to offer more, but let the seller price it first. Her price was half of what I was going to offer!

  2. Hi Becky - That is a lovely distressed art work. Would love to learn how you did the same look and use the technique on a book shelf. The link "HERE" to the tutorial does not work. Please can you fix it. Thanks

    1. I forgot to link it, oops! Will take care of it right now, thanks.


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