Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Verses

why does God want us to rejoice daily
Happy Sunday! Recently in my Facebook feed I have been seeing an article about how complaining rewires our brains for negativity. It made me think about this verse and why God would want us to rejoice each day, even on the hard days.  God knows exactly what the article is saying, and He knows that no matter what our circumstances, focusing on the positive reminds us that life is precious and that He continues to make new days with new opportunities. Practicing daily rejoicing doesn't mean that we won't feel sadness or experience strife, but when we choose to rejoice on the tough days, on the days that wound us, we will know a contentment and peace that only Jesus can provide. Today, let's choose joy.


  1. I was having a pretty sad day. Then I went to church & received a prayer blessing from the priest. Came home feeling a little better. Called my step-sister & had a nice talk, felt a little better still. Lastly, I read your verse & comment & feel even better. Not perfect, but better is good. Thanks Becky. God bless.

  2. I always enjoy my church each Sunday and it uplifts me each time. I have a wonderful pastor and the members are so gracious and kind.


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