Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back to School Box Made from Pallet Wood

Some of you have kiddos back in school already, wow! I know, across the country they all go pretty much the same number of days, but my little birdie that is still at home doesn't start until August 30th. 

With the onset of the new school year (whether it is now or soon), I thought a fun and quick gift idea for the teacher or for your child was needed so I cam up with this crayon shaped box made from pallet wood.
an easy back to school teacher gift made from pallet wood

To start, you need two pallet boards (or other boards) that measure 40" x 5 1/4" x 3/4". From these cut two 16 1/2" long boards, one 19" long board, and two 4 1/2" long boards. Cut the corners off of one end o the 19" board, cutting at a 45 degree angle and leaving a square "crayon" tip.
reclaimed pallet wood crayon box
Sand all of your boards and then attach the 19" board and one of the 16 1/2" board to the other 16 1/2" board that will be the bottom. Screw through the front of the side boards and secure them with 
1 1/4" screws, two per each side. The crayon tip will extend beyond the box bottom.
make an easy back to school teacher gift from pallet wood
Add the 4 1/2" end boards, securing them with two 1 1/4" screws per each side, drilling through the outsides. Use a clamp if needed to hold the end in place. 
make a crayon shaped box from pallet wood
Paint as desired.  I chose a bright green.  For the crayon "paper label" I added some white paint to my bright green.  I then painted the black oval and squiggly lines. I chose to write the crayon color on the black oval, but you could write the teacher's name or paint it with chalkboard paint to change out what is written there.
paint a pallet wood box to make it look like a crayon
Fill the box with teacher goodies: pens and pencils, rulers and scissors, a coffee mug and chocolate, band-aids, coffee gift cards, etc. I like to include an old school book picked up at a thrift store. 
fill a pallet wood box with goodies for the teacher
This also makes a fun gift for your child.  Fill the box with art and school supplies to be kept at home for homework.
back to school gift made from pallet wood
I am going to make a few more--a red one, a yellow one, a blue one...


  1. This is awesome. I'm thinking of doing this for my granddaughter's 4th grade teacher... Maybe just make it a box and put the teacher's name on it since the crayon would prob seem 'young' for 4th grade lol. Love this idea tho' and I wish I could find those old readers at thrifts here! Love them! Thanks for this idea!

    1. Thanks! I think 4th grade would still like a crayon--I taught elementary school for 25 years!

  2. Super cute Becky. Good job. BTW, I missed Sundays post. Maybe you were too busy or on vacation?

    1. Thanks Deb! I have been swamped and was out of town and forgot to bring my computer with me. By the time I got home Saturday night I was too tired to worry about it.

  3. I love this crayon box. It's perfect for a teacher or family room. Would love for you to share your posts on my Sunday's Best Linkup. This month's theme is Back to School. Starts every Saturday night at 8:00 ET.


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