Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Verses

verse about God's Strength
Happy Sunday! I have a dear friend going through the hurricane in Houston right now. She and her family are safe, but boy, have they been battered with rain and wind. Honestly, I cannot imagine and I am sure Texans are feeling weary. This verse assures us that when we are weak and exhausted, when we are bruised, when we feel defeated, God will not break us. God is a loving Father. Jesus is gentle with hurting, broken people. He loves us compassionately and with kindness that we simply cannot fathom and understand. And all he asks is that we simply accept that love and when we are strong enough, share it with others. Rest in that truth my fellow bruised reeds and flickering candles. 


  1. Oh my....the second sentence of that verse is exactly what I needed today. Thanks for sharing it and I pray your friend is lifted up by it also.

  2. hi becky i never got the book i won you said you were getting more and i never got it
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