Saturday, December 2, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Day 7 Simple Centerpiece

create easy and inexpensive decor for Christmas with thrift store finds

On the twelfth day of ChristmasBeyond the Picket Fence was very pleased,to share a simple, thrift store centerpiece.

We recently downsized from a seven foot long table to a round table that has two leaves. After all, there are only three of us living here these days (with two adult boys out of the house) and a seven foot table was a bit much. 

A new table meant I would have to rethink my centerpiece for Christmas because I typically use a rectangular tray. I knew I wanted something round, something simple, something with some height, and candles.

use a metal game board and siple items to make a christmas centerpiece

vintage metal game boards for a centerpiece

I remembered I had this metal game "board" from the thrift store and knew it would work perfectly.

I added a milk bottle that I bought at a garage sale during the summer. I liked the red writing on it for Christmas. It is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin--it doesn't get much more dairy than that.
use an old milk bottle for a simple centerpiece
I had some leftover cranberries from Thanksgiving so I threw those in the bottle along with some small pine branches and water. I included a few tall pine branches. I had thought about using bare branches, but like the pine.

A few candles, brand new from the thrift store, finish this simple centerpiece. 

simple centerpiece for Christmas
I am keeping the board on the checkers side because I like the red and black check. But, it can be turned over for more color, including some green and a star.
use an old game board for a simple centerpiece
If you have a rectangular table, consider using a wood thrift store game board or even a cardboard one as the "tray or anchor" for you centerpiece. 
Simple Christmas Centerpiece

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