Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring verse about leading and following
Happy Sunday! A few weeks ago on the way to a volleyball game, we came across a herd of 300 elk. We stopped to watch them for a bit. At first they were all facing west and started jumping over a fence. Soon many of the elk turned around (even though there was no danger) and started heading east, some jumping back over the fence. The herd clearly lacked leadership 😉 and had no idea which elk to follow. We like leadership--I have said to my kids countless times, "Be a good leader." But, to be a good leader, we must first know how to be a good follower. When we follow we learn trust, we learn surrender, we sharpen our discernment. When we pursue following good ideas and people, and most importantly when we follow Jesus, we inherently become leaders to those around us. 


  1. Seeing that herd of elk reminded of many herds we came upon when we'd be coming back from Helena on Hwy.287 house. that ran in front of our place.Our mail boxes were out on highway 1 1/2 miles from our place. When we were outside.Can remember being out at night that first Spring in 92 cleaning up some of weeds We were so happy it stayed light til about 11p.m. Still miss MT,what an incredible place to live.Wish we could go back there. CO is ok but just not great like
    MT. People here are about what you drive and where you live,like So.CA ugh.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you an your family .becky.


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