Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional about making it through hard days
Happy Sunday! Recently, I was recalling a high school ski trip I took with friends.  The friends I went skiing with were all much better at it than I was. After feeling frustrated on a challenging to me run, my dear friend made me stop and turn around and look up the mountain. She said, "Look at what you just made it down, you can do this!" Her encouragement kept me from quitting. When God's people were feeling discouraged, he often would remind them what he had done for them and the many challenges and hardships they had survived with his help. On the tough days, the days when we are not at our best, the days when we mess up and feel disheartened, we need to remind ourselves that we have made it through other hard days and times. We need to hear God's whisper, "You can do it, I've got you and because I do, you've got this, keep going." 

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