Monday, July 1, 2019

Thrift Store Summer Decor Centerpiece

Do you all have a decor closet or cupboard or box? I have one cupboard in my laundry room devoted to smalls that I like to decorate with throughout the year. It has things like artificial flowers, jars, trays, different orbs (wire, croquet balls, seed balls, etc.), things to use for table runners, candles and candlesticks, and other things that are almost entirely from the thrift store or from garage sales. So when I picked up this great, vintage feedsack from the thrift store,
vintage feedsack

I knew I could go to my cupboard and put together a summery, fourth of July centerpiece in no time. 

Thrift Store Summer Decor Centerpiece

It took about ten minutes to hunt and gather. I started with a tray I had painted with Fusion Mineral Paint's Midnight. (affiliate link) I used the feedstack stripe stencil from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils (BUY HERE).
Old Sign Stencils
I have a bag of blocks that I use to spell out things for different holidays. It took a bit to find a U that was red or blue. 
blocks from the thrift store
And old red book, a socket from the thrift store becomes a nice candle holder. 
Thrift Store Summer Decor Centerpiece
Some itty-bitty red boots from the thrift store with some fake flowers finished this patriotic centerpiece. Why cowboy boots for summer decor? Because Montana is all about summer rodeos, especially around the fourth.
Thrift Store Summer Decor Centerpiece
Simple. Inexpensive. Unique.
Thrift Store Summer Decor Centerpiece
Tune in tomorrow for more EASY PEASY thrift store summer decor.


  1. what a great idea to source items and store them all in one place! your centerpiece is a winner!


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