Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Why I Love Little Stools

I don't know if that post title makes anyone else giggle like it does me (maybe you are more mature and poop words don't make you laugh), BUT, I am talking about little wood benches today. I love 'em because they are so darn versatile. 

Little workshorse stools
I recently came across a couple that needed quick makeovers to turn them into perfect little farmhouse pieces.
Give Stools a Quick Makeover
I can make a little stool like these in about 30 minutes, but when I can buy them for five bucks or less, I do. This one did need a bit of a repair as I am sure the original creator of it was drunk when they made it.
Farmhouse Stools
After a little glue and TLC, I painted the stools white. I painted a second coat and when it was about 75% dry, I used a paint scraper (affiliate link) to scrape some paint off. As far as paint scrapers go, I love this HYDE one because it is MORE than a paint scraper. You can get it HERE. I finished the stools with a quick, light, spray-on clear coat.
Farmhouse Stools
Stack small stools to make a "bookshelf".
Farmhouse Stools
Use one next to a chair for a little table. It is not ideal height, but works wonderfully for an extra sitting spot that doesn't get used a lot.
Small Side Table
Use one in the entryway for a spot to take off and put on shoes. Throw a basket underneath it for mittens and hats.
Entryway Bench
These little stools make great display pieces on top of cupboards or large shelves. They are a good place to keep extra towels in the bathroom and give you a place to sit while bathing wee ones. Keep a couple in the family room for extra seating in a pinch. Use one in the kitchen to reach tall spots. Where would you use one?


  1. I love how you are so creative on anything you do. Your visions that you create are inspirations to me to try this or that. Thank you

  2. I have a weakness for little stools also. There are so many uses for them you can't have to many!


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