Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday Verses

God Has Not Abandoned Us
Happy Sunday! Another drive to get out of the house led us past this abandoned house sitting in the middle of a Montana prairie. I wondered why it had been left alone and neglected, who had lived in it, why was it deserted?  Abandoned--a lot of us feel like this right now. We are stranded from our jobs, alone and distant from family and friends, unsure of what our government is doing, and wondering where God is. First, let me assure you, it is okay to question God, to ask him why we are going through this. He can handle our questions and feelings of doubt. But, even in the uncertainty, this I know--God is nearby, he is close to us, he has not abandoned us. He may be allowing darkness to run its course right now, but he is holding us through it all. We will ultimately see his goodness in these trials. Rather than feeling stranded and neglected, let's abandon our fears and trust that we are not alone in this time. This week ask God to feel his nearness, to know without any doubt that he is close-by and that he has not deserted us.

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