Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Being Kind
Happy Sunday! "What are you taking a picture of?" "The snow and the leaves, the two seasons coming together, aren't the pretty together?" Differences are dividing us in a way I have not seen before. Families, friends, acquaintances are arguing, disagreeing, shutting each other off and out, being mean and ugly with each other. Kindness and decency are in short supply. Kindness does not mean we agree with everyone, but it does mean we state our opposing views respectfully without name calling and rudeness. Being kind may look like driving your neighbor to the polls even though they support a different party than you do. Kindness means that the day after the election you do not gloat or shout fraud, but rather that you show compassion to someone whose candidate lost. Kindness does not mock, it does not name call, it does not demand, it does not practice violence. Kindness listens, respects, understands differences are okay and even beautiful. It is action and good deeds for all, even those who do not think like us. Kindness is love--take some extra steps this week to practice being kind, especially to those who think differently than you do. Peace. 

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  1. I always pick kindness above all. Fortunately we have no snow here! I do love the fall colors.


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