Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas On The Porch

I got my outside decorating done yesterday. The boys put the outside lights up. I need new ones, but will wait until after Christmas, to get them on sale. I use my old enamel buckets for some of my decorating and lots of thrift store Christmas balls.

I put them in my birdbath. Oops, never got my perennials cut down, oh well. Half the time I do it in the fall, and half the time in the spring. Wish they were covered in snow.

I use them here on my potting bench in rubber boots and in a bird feeder (don't worry, I am not starving the birds--I never put birdseed in this one--I end up with too much poop on the porch!).

I have these giant Christmas ornaments in my plant holder.

Here is a little plastic greenery on my front door. I used to use fresh, but got tired of cleaning the needles from my entry way. I bought good stuff, it fools even me sometimes.
And here are some snowflakes and balls in the front window. The 3 largest ones were red, but since I changed my color scheme this year, I spray painted them white and added glitter. I changed out some of the red balls with white ones.
On another note, please check out this link and watch the video. It is sad how we have changed Christmas and commercialized it so much and the money spent is outrageous!


  1. LOve all your pretty decorations! Can't wait to see more...I have a big mess in my dining room...but this will pass soon as I get it all out and about.

  2. Bec I love all your decorations I love christmas ornaments piled in anything everything looks great

  3. I'm laughing because I switched my colors too. For the past few years I have done lots of whites, pinks and blues with a lot of glitter, this year I am all about apple green, red and browns!!


  4. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house. I love your porch decorations. It looks very warm and welcoming.

  5. oh it looks so nice! Great job!

  6. I love all your decorations. Wish we could put more ornaments and small things outside, but they'd be covered in snow in no time!


  7. You have decorated nicely, I was reluctant to put all my decs out this year as we will be at my brothers, and no one will really see them...but you have convinced me to at least hang my swag over my front door, it looks so pretty!I'll have to pinch it from my studio!

  8. Oh Bec - it's gorgeous! Y'all did a marvelous job..., love the title!!! Simply ingenious! LOL

  9. Your porch looks great! I love all of the ornaments everywhere!

  10. What a pretty porch!! All of the ornaments look great piled in the birdbath, too! :)

  11. Love your porch! I just found your blog, and have really enjoyed your projects! Can't wait to see more.

  12. I like the idea of filling the bird bath with the ornaments. I have a wooden folding chair just like yours except mine is a very chippy white. It's my favorite chair.


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