Friday, November 28, 2008

Picture This

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I was too busy trying to get out of here to post a Happy Turkey Day Wish ahead of time. We went to my mom's and sisters--about 2 hours away. We had a great time and the cousins loved being together. Mom, sis and I hit the stores early this morning. Although, we are cutting way back this year, we are still buying some gifts, so we had to hit it early to get those bargains and do our part to help the economy Ü.

While at my sister's, I remembered that I had never taken a picture of the gift I had made for her last year. I found an image I wanted on Print Master. I resized it to a rectangle shape that I liked. I chose to print it in tile format 3 x 4. I printed it 2 times on different papers. I used some of the same papers, but put them in a different order for the second printing so that a different part would print on it. Using a paper cutter, I cut each sheet of paper into 4ths. I discarded the outside pieces, because there was no print on them. I then played around with the pieces until I found a combination I liked. I glued the piecs onto cardstock so thay would be stiffer. I used double stick tape and mounted them on the fabric backing. For the backing, I took the back of the picture frame and hot glued a cord around the edge and then covered it in brown velvet. I used the cord so that the back would not press right against the glass. And that was it. It was somewhat time consuming, but not too bad, and fun to do. It's a fun way to do a custom piece of art for someone.

I can't wait to show you all some Christmas decorating this weekend.

Thanks for all of your kind comments--it is so fun to read them!


  1. The gift you made for your sister is beautiful, what a nice job you did.


  2. You are very talented. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the drawing, Theresa

  3. I bet your sister loved the gift you made her. It is beautiful. You are very talented and creative!

  4. Your sister is a blessed sister to recieve such a gift! What a talented one you are! Great job.


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