Friday, October 16, 2009

Painted Pumpkins

Thanks for all of your well wishes and sweet comments on my wreath and blog.

So for these I started with your basic fake pumpkins, spray painted them with oiled bronze spray paint. It was too black-- I dry-brushed bronze craft paint over the top and then added details in cream. I think my address pumpkins need a little vine or something around them, but it has to be good looking, nothing too fake.

PS--All of a sudden my pictures show up as HTML code when I am typing up my post and my font is different, but it all posts fine. Anyone know why and how to change it back? Thanks!


  1. These are beautiful - sorry can't help you with the code and font problem! Happy weekend!

  2. I think you are typing each post under the html tab instead of the compose tab. These buttons are in the upper right hand corner, its an easy fix, just click on the "compose" tab. Taaaaaa daaaaaa fixed--- hopefully~

  3. I love your site and I added you on my Follow Friday link party. Thanks for the great trash to treasure ideas!


  4. Cute idea! Yes, a vine would look nice. You can find some nice fall vines at Michaels.

    For weeks now, I can't typ my title for posts - it converts to ARABIC!!! WT heck??? I have to type it in my post and then cut and past - what a pain.


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