Saturday, October 3, 2009

Starting to Look Like Fall

I am slowly getting a little fall decorating done. I wanted to add pops of burnt orange to my blue and brown color scheme that lives in my family room. I used the orange spray paint on this candlestick and plaque thingy. I couldn’t find a burnt orange, so just used the bright orange and then put stain over the top. Some of the orange rubbed off on the candlestick and the original gold popped through, which I liked. The brown ceramic pumpkin came from Ross for $2.99.

I still want to paint the thrift store vase a more sea blue, but couldn’t find a spray paint in that color. However, I did just find one at Michaels yesterday, but I was too cheap to buy it at full price, so I am waiting for a coupon. I added the little pumpkins around the lamp. Today, maybe, I am working on painting some fake pumpkins. Hope to show those to you soon. BTW—I decided to go with chalkboard paint on my wine rack, thanks all for the suggestion. I haven’t done it yet though. Happy fall! I might be ready to decorate for Christmas soon, we have already had snow and are supposed to get 2-5 inches Sunday and Monday—argh!


  1. Snow already, isnt it the start of autumn? You guys dont muck around over there, straight into winter for you!
    Here, on the other hand, Spring has crawled back under a rock for now, winter has come back for the week, and some much needed rain!
    Love your photos, and look forward to some more junk!

  2. I am starting to slowly get into fall decorating too.

  3. Love your touches of fall! And I would totally do the same thing, wait to buy an item with a coupon no matter how perfect the color or how long I looked for it *smiles*

  4. Love your fall decor. I'm all about using coupons too! I haven't done a lot of decorating yet. I plan to do some this afternoon.

  5. I'm feeling the same way...can't wait for Christmas! My mom-in-law came over for Sunday dinner today with two boxes of Christmas ornaments, etc.. from an auction yesterday. Some of the antique ornaments are still in their original boxes. Love em! Blessings and always a joy to stop by "The Picket Fence".

  6. love your blog & fall your post about the preschool girls!


  7. Love your fall stuff! You are the winner of our giveaway!!! Please email me with your address so I can send those darling pumpkin gourds your way!
    Snowman Hill


  8. Hi! Popped over from Snowman Hill's blog!! Absolutely love your blog and the cute stuff you make!!! Am jealous of the new owner of that green chalkboard with hooks! :)

  9. I use that painting technique too.
    The stain dulls the brightness of the color and blends the piece.

    Great way to get your burnt orange.

  10. I love the amber color of your oranges. We too have snow, almost makes me want to start with some Christmas projects. AAGH!


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