Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Was Inspired By...

I have decide to move my I was inspired posts to Wednesdays (Tuesday night) because it works better with my "bloggin' schedule".  So without further ado, this week I was inspired by...
At All Thingz Related you find great, doable ideas like this adorable necklace.

or these number balls (way cuter than the Pottery Barn ones),
or this amazing wreath--she says she will never make another one, very time intensive, but I say worth it!  
And look at this craft center they made--visit their blog to see how they did it!
When I saw these candlesticks it inspired me to make my own version (the lazy girl's version). 
I have had these vintage BINGO markers for awhile and didn't know what I wanted to do with them until I saw Bridgette's candlesticks.  I hot glued the markers on the jute that I wrapped around my garage sale candlesticks.  

Check out what I paid for each candlestick.
So, although I didn't make an exact copy, All Thingz Related inspired me to make me own project.  Thanks Bridgette and Rebekah!
And don't forget to link up your under $100 idea on Thursday.
Find more ideas here:
Blue Cricket Design


  1. wow I can see why you are inspired. Love your version of the candlesticks.

  2. Great inspiration. I love your candlesticks. I have these same bingo pieces too. I guess I should do something with them.

  3. Cute idea to use Bingo chips. I love their projects...and yours too!

  4. Score on the candlesticks! Nice work! :) Wow that wreath is amazing. Maybe I'll try that the next time the Olympics come around!

  5. My goodness...Im a little giddy! :) I am excited you are enjoying All Thingz Related! I think the creativity comes from Rebekah and I feeding off of each other! We get SO excited to show each other and our readers our new things! Thanks for posting this...I love your candle holders too...the bingo chips are awesome!
    ~Bridgette {allthingzrelated}

  6. Wow...what a lucky price on those candlesticks!!
    Bridgette has some really inspirational ideas!

  7. So great! now I am inspired.

  8. Your candlesticks turned out great! I love numbers! Great price too btw! :) I am so cheap!
    thanks for your kind words on Jamie's chair redo. It was so nice to spend time with her.
    hope you're having a good week! Drawing for giveaway is tonight! good luck!

  9. Great ideas!!
    Thanks for sharing!


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