Saturday, March 27, 2010

Message Central

Thank you for your kind words and messages about Celiacs Disease.  Researching and cooking has been a full time job.  Gluten is in everything--toothpaste, envelopes, ketchup, spices, and on and on.  The internet has been my best friend, looking up every item before I put it in whatever I am cooking.  I have cried (in the middle of the grocery store was especially wonderful).  I feel like I have lost part of my identity.  You see, I am a baker.  I pride myself on making things from scratch--homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pasta, waffles...I am the mom who has the cookies for the neighborhood kids, who brings the desserts to functions. I have worked on perfecting my family's favorites for over 2o years.   But, I am approaching this new challenge with a positive attitude.  I will find new favorites while helping my family be as healthy as we can.

Creating with junk this week has not happened, so I thought I'd show you something from my blogging beginnings, when I had 3 readers :).  I made this message center from a free screen frame picked out of a garbage pile:
I added a piece of MDF behind it for a chalkboard, a piece of beadboard painted blue, some wire garden fencing to hold papers and pictures, a sewing machine drawer, and hooks for keys, leashes, etc.  Sorry pic. is a little fuzzy.

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  1. Wow love it, I need to keep my eyes open for an old window or door, but you know how it goes when your looking for something you never find it, so maybe I won't keep my eyes open and just go junkin.


  2. I need to make something like that...I have papers everywhere! I'm sorry to hear about the health scare and glad to know it wasn't worse. With your creativity, I'm sure you will be cooking fabulous gluten free food soon!

  3. My dad has had Celiac for many years now and it is a very hard lifestyle. However, I was just in the health food grocery store this morning and was so inspired by all the gluten-free items, food and otherwise.
    Also, I bought my dad the "G-Free Diet" by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and he read it in 3 days. He said he learned stuff in that book that he has never been told before by the doctor or any of the info I've found on the internet.

    For example, his doc told him years ago to quit drinking caffeine and to drink decaf coffee or tea, only for him to later find out, through that book, that decaf has gluten!!

    Anyway, I know it will be a challenge, but worth the difference in how your family feels.

    Best wishes to you!


  4. Many, many are now being diagnosed with Celiac. My young nephew was just diagnosed this year. He has been enjoying some great steaks though. Who needs pizza?? Fortunately, it is becoming easier to find gluten-free foods.


  5. Your creativity and dedication to even this is inspiring...your family is blessed.

    Great idea with the garden fencing!!!

  6. Love this! I need to get a message center up on our wall and this is helping me pull together some ideas. Thanks!

    ~ Michelle @ FTSN

  7. I am glad you have the gumption - as a person who loves to bake too, I can't imagine...

  8. This is a such a great use for the screen frame. I just love the addition of the wire fencing - great idea!


  9. Becky, I am so sorry to hear that you have Celiacs Disease. My niece was diagnosed with this a few years ago, but until she found out what it was she just felt really bad all the time. Now our stores around here are starting to carry products that Celiac free. Keep your chin up, with awareness I think things will change. Now I love your little board you made. I want to thank you for stopping by my site and leaving such a sweet comment. Have a wonderful Easter.

  10. Glad you found me...glad I found your site, too! Looks like you have a lot of great ideas that I can have fun with.

    The fact that you are a baker will actually make living gluten-free even easier! Since you are already used to baking treats for everyone, you won't mind continuing to do it. You just have to learn to use gluten-free flours instead. We cook and bake all kinds of great tasting food, and most people don't even notice a difference. There are recipes for just about anything you want to make gluten-free. Feel free to email me direct if you have any specific questions or recipe requests. I can probably find it on someone's blog, if not my own.

  11. I love your blog I added you to my favorites on my site!!

  12. Hey Becky,

    It's always tough changing a lifestyle or eating style, but we've got to adapt - right?

    The message board is very cute.

    I posted pics of those doors I mentioned. I can always use your inspirational ideas :)

  13. WOW, it's amazing how it turned out. I LOVE IT!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  14. It looks wonderful! Thanks for linking!! I want to make one now:)


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