Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Was Inspired By...

This week I was inspired by Crafty Sisters.  These girls have been turning out some fantastic things lately.
Loved their very thorough tutorial on making mini frames.
And look at this once former gun cabinet.
How much do you love these Ballard inspired mirrors?
These burlap and freezer paper pillows are fabulous:
This week I was inspired to make my own version of their 3, yes three egg wreaths they shared.
And mine--a little wreath, just perfect for this dresser.  Except I don't like the egg seams you see, might have to play with this a little more, but you get the idea :).
So please, go check the Crafty Sisters out and thanks for the inspiration girls!


  1. Everything is to die for! I think the pillow is reall nice. You did very well, of course on your egg wreath!

  2. Nice egg wreath. Like it alot. I'm diggin the pillow and chunky frame as well.

  3. I love those girls! They are so creative.
    Your wreath is VERY cute. Do you think the seams show cause you used gloss paint instead of flat. Glossy paint is NOT forgiving. :(
    Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Very very cute stuff! They are inspiring!~

  5. Hello again. I've given you an award on my blog. I am blessed by your blog. Thanks for sharing. You may do with the award as you like, but wanted others to know about you

  6. Thanks Becky! Your wreath is too cute with the gingham ribbon. All I have to say about making three wreaths in three days is...my hubby was out of town..it normally wouldn't happen! :)

  7. How fun. I am definitely thinking of making one of these wreaths for my door. Love the robin's egg blue.

  8. Oh - your wreath is fantastic! I love it!!! Now I'm to check out the sisters - the mirrors are definitely drool worthy!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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