Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Was Inspired By...

This week I was inspired by some of my favorite girls, The Junk Fest Girls from ND.  I even recently had the pleasure of meeting Andrea (although we didn't have time for junking or a glass of wine).
The Junk Fest Girls know rusty, crusty and fabulous and have been inspiring me for some time.
Look at this recent pantry door they created--they give a great tute on it too.
Here is a beautiful, junky display they showed off for So You Think You Can Decorate:
Love this old rusty heater (?) repurposed into a great wine area.
And here is just one picture from their fantastic fall junk fest sale.
When I saw this great centerpiece by Andrea, I knew I needed wanted to make one too.
 I dug around in my junk (neatly organized in a dresser in the garage I'll have you know!) and this is what I came up with.  The main piece is also a canning jar holder, like Andrea's and the candle "holder" is a campfire toaster.
I used doorknobs for added interest and tied a #8 on the side.

Flowers would be great too, but I felt more in a candlelight mood seeing we got 5+ inches of snow today.  I used a piece of a coffee sack as a cloth underneath.  Note to self, don't put the words that you most want to show in the middle of the square that will be covered up by the centerpiece.

Thanks girls for the inspiration and check them out today!
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  1. Love what you did. Can you tell me what the candle is on?


  2. Great job with your display Becky! And thanks so much for your wonderful words about us...blogging has opened an entirely new world for us...inspiration and friendships alike!


  3. Thanks for the heads up on the great blog. Adding it to my list tonight! I now have another idea to use for the canning jar holder!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a nice surprise to see we inspire you! But it is YOU and all these other great blogs that inspire US every day! Sometimes I just can't get over what junkers "come up with"...ain't life grand? It was so nice meeting you in March! Hopefully next year we have more time to do lunch and TALK JUNK!

    Happy Day to you,

  5. Great job Becky... see it does pay to have all that junk uhhh stuff uhhh good stuff on hand! You'll find something to do with it eventually!
    I love your new piece!

  6. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Love your junky centerpiece...looks great! I'm loving the look of your blog! Think you might be headed to JF this year?

  7. Oh boy...junk fest is my version of heaven on earth!! I believe every word of the Good Book except rust and moth decay...it just makes it better!

    You proved it! Looks great :)

  8. Your centerpiece is wonderful!
    I also love that pantry door, and there's something about the display with the typewriter which makes it look as if it fell out of a Pottery Barn catalog!

  9. I love these ladies! Always inspirational. And don't you want to sit and sip wine with them after every single post they do? ha! I do! ~Mindy


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